The Platform’s origin

The trafMon platform has its origin from two developments implemented for the European Space Agency (ESA).
A first version was designed in the frame of the Galileo Programme, for the qualification of worldwide ground segment links, that are supporting time-critical traffic flows.
A second version was developed for the Earth Observation Programme, for the measurements, auditing and troubleshooting of communications over the ESA’s Earth Observation Payload Data Network. The provided services include the observations of the files transferred during FTP sessions and the underlying TCP connections efficiency.

The initial open source version is based on a further enhancement of the platform.



The authors wish to acknowledge the valuable contributions of all ancient employees of the AETHIS® Company in Belgium, who have worked on the successive versions of the base software and its documentation from which the open source trafMon software is derived.
In particular, special recognition is given to Jacques Maes, David Orban, Jonathan Van den Schrieck, Benoît Liétaer, Julien Denis, Thomas Soupart, Fabien Coenegrachts, who have more specifically participated to its elaboration. Also a thought is given in memory the authors’ deceased associate, Luc Steenput, who has heavily promoted the initial idea and subsequent enhancements of the tool, within the European Space Agency and elsewhere.
Lastly, the authors wish to acknowledge the strong support of ESA staff members: Manfred Lugert, Erling Kristiansen, Johan Stjernevi, Manfred Bertelsmeier, Gioacchino Buscemi, Michele Iapaolo, Andrea Cogliandro and Claudia Neroni, as well as of officers of the Belgian BELSPO Federal Service, Jacques Nijskens, Agnès Grandjean and Hendrick Verbeelen.